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  Generic Model Creation 

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Welcome to ICDAS Add-Ins for Generic Model Creation (ICDAS GEN). ICDAS GEN is the latest add-ins from ICDAS based on ICDAS Bridges 2020, ICDAS Wind Turbine Foundations 2020 and ICDAS Buildings 2020. To work with ICDAS GEN, the following software are needed:

    ICDAS GEN 2020.00R

    Revit 2020



ICDAS GEN is special developed to automate BIM models in Revit for infrastructural construction, incl.  


    bridges, tunnels or any infrastructural construction.

    any solid and void profile in concrete, steel, timber.

    any rectilinear or circular shape of solid and void for pile, pier, pylon, arc of bridges, incl.

    curved prestressing cables in concrete bridge deck.

    any bridge’s alignment. For double curved alignment horizontal radius RH and vertical radius

    RV there is step-by-step manual for creation of the deck.

    Infrastructural construction and components in this context.


ICDAS GEN is a tool e.g. for


    Recreation of infrastructural construction in BIM models from the old existing 2D-drawings for future

    maintenance management.

    Providing BIM models for pre-project with options e.g. in EIA-assessment (Environmental Impact Assessment)

    and also for detailed project work as well. For bridge once the alignment is known, ICDAS GEN can easily

    automate a BIM model for that bridge, as concrete bridge (slab deck/box deck), arch bridge or cable-stayed bridge. 

    Wind turbine foundation is easy to automate (and further development) as the model axes is always rectilinear and




ICDAS GEN is including in ICDAS COLLECTION subscription and can be subscribed separately after agreement.

Updated  21-05-2019

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