S o f t w a r e     f o r     a u t o m a t i c     c r e a t i o n     o f     m o d e l s     u s i n g     p a r a m e t r i c     d a t a

  Generic Model Creation 

Example: Tunnel Fehmarnbelt 
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Model description


BIM model

Analysis model































This example demonstrates a short tunnel of 50+50+50m is created for visualization reason. The cross sections from the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel Fixed Link is employed, cf. the Danish state-owned Sund & Bælt Holding A/S, ‘Consolidated Technical Report’.


Dimensions of the concrete profiles are approximately for the test of ICDAS add-ins. Also sections length, thicknesses of gravel seabed, stones ballast on the railway, portal buildings and so on are all initial values for the tested purpose only.


The tunnel

ICDAS GEN provides new method of ‘Additive Running Input (ARI)’ allowing the user to add details on the tunnel e.g. the gravel seabed, lock fills, site concretes, rail stone ballasts, pavements, white lines and so on. The ARI also allows the user to delete any component, renew input and create again while keeping all others component unchanged.

Figure: The tunnel in 3D Perspective Left view.

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The above figure shows the tunnel and details created by parametric input (Excel file) without any manual modification, except the people and the vehicles inserted from external Revit families. The concrete tunnel material has been set transparency 30 for the see through appearance.

Revit materials

Revit provides by the hundreds of material appearances stored in your computer. By default ICDAS automates all objects in grey color without any material. The user select and assign materials to the objects manually. An ICDAS manual for Revit material is including in any ICDAS subscription which guides the user to apply the materials to a project, including by the hundreds of material images.



Figure: Roadway and railway where the tunnel is hidden, 3D Perspective View.



Above the two conceptual portal buildings are shown on the left. The concrete tunnel is hidden on the right. Using parametric building ICDAS FRBL the user can create the full details of the building and link it into the tunnel file.

Site Concrete


Site concrete is the latest object automated parametric by ICDAS, pt. 03-08-2018. It has the arc top surface inputted by radius, and the bottom as rectilinear surfaces input by points position, as shown in figures below. 




Figure: Site Concrete varying thickness along the tunnel, longitudinal input.



As mention on the top, the short sections 50.432+50+50.432m has the purpose to highlight the gap 464mm at the bottom of the concrete tunnel. These gaps are occurred due the side precast tunnels are sloping 5% up from the center precast section. These gaps are the same as the side sections are longer and the center section is longer. Refer ‘Curved or rectilinear sections’ for further discussions.

Figure : Site Concrete varying thickness along the Tunnel, 3D Section Box Perspective.


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FigureSite Concrete highlight in blue.

The site concretes are inputted in the longitudinal view as shown in the figures above, and in Excel as shown to the left below.


Also to the left the site concrete are highlighted in blue in the cross section view.


Once input for the site concrete 1, 2 and 3 are specified in Excel, the input of 4 to 6 are the copies of 1 to 3 where MoveY (14000, 13000, 9000) are modified to (7000, 6000, 2000)mm as shown in the cross section view.


Refer Input for more details about the input rules. 

Updated 04-08-2018




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