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ICDAS is an abbreviation of Integrated Construction Design, Analysis & Animation

System. ICDAS has its origins in 2008 when a group of four structural engineer and

programmers have started the idea. The team is led by Truc Huynh PhD, who, from

then, set up a system for further development until today.


In 2012 ICDAS officially become a software and an independent company. Also in

2012 a part of ICDAS software, LUSAS (London University Stress Analysis System),

has been introduced to Technical University of Denmark, Ballerup Campus. From then,

ICDAS is constantly advancing by investments from engineers and computer science

from Denmark, Norway and Rumanian. Also, exam project students from DTU Ballerup

Campus have been contributed for the enhancements of ICDAS application.


In 2017 the design part of ICDAS is focused on Virtual Design & Construction (VDC). 


In 2018 ICDAS has The Danish Road Directorate as the client for BIM & FEM for

Infrastructural Projects.


ICDAS is programming in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET C# and create add-ins in existing

software with .NET technology. The add-ins codes make the software to automate the

models with input given in an Excel or text file. As the company name, ICDAS automates

both of geometry and analysis (FEM) model concurrently, where the users only need to

keep focus on one Excel input file, and don’t need to learn a new interface. Further, ICDAS

can improve programming processes in Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and VDC. It

does because ICDAS focuses on FEM which is not a part in VDC.


At the present ICDAS has add-ins primary in Revit and Tekla, secondary in Dynamo,

AutoCAD/AutoCAD Architecture, MicroStation, but ICDAS supply also add-ins in other

design software with C# .NET technology. Concurrently, ICDAS has primary add-ins for

FEM analysis in LUSAS, secondary in ROBOT. ICDAS supply also automatic models creation

in other FEM tools after the needs.


We have more than 18 years of experience in infrastructure constructions through jobs in

COWI, Rambøll, NIRAS, Atkins and AARSLEFF in Denmark. ICDAS will help you to improve the

workflow of software for your coming projects, as conceptual design or detailed design as well.

It is a tool to plan, design, build and manage the project easier and faster. It is also useful to

digitalize existing drawings of constructions for a better maintenance.

Updated 27-08-2019

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Updated 13-05-2017

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