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Rendering & Animation
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Rendering & Animation 

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Rendering and animation are the works we are most happy

for. It covers both terrain model from AutoCAD Civil 3D,

bridge from Revit and verification of dimensions for the bridge

from LUSAS, all meet each other in landscape model in

3ds Max 2017.

But rendering for especially animation will take time - even

with the strongest desktop computer - for obtaining of 1080

pixels movie as shown in ICDAS YouTube channel. We

experience a complicated scene can take weeks to render a

5-minutes animation with 5 strongest desktop in 2014,

which all run 24/24 hours. It requires a depth understanding

of interaction between light, material, reflection, refraction

of different objects in the scene. Test is always needed

before all PCs are set to run. Most of time are spent to find

to the relevant parameters. ICDAS offer therefore to render

and animate your project. We provide also 4K resolution

movie and rendering of single image of up to over 10000

pixels each direction for large poster.


Some of our techniques are listed below which are outlined

in manual of registered ICDAS license when you select

these features.


For rendering ICDAS Manual will help you with

parameters needed for interior and exterior renderings

- materials displayed monitor and on rendering
- rendering in 16:9 format, 9:16 format (vertical) or other


- rendering of moving people in many desktop computers

  (3ds Max 2017)


For animation ICDAS Manual will help you with


- XRef screens to animation (enable, not enable)

- creation of camera path which the animation will follow

- time configuration;

- keep high images quality when animated.

Updated 17-07-2016