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Case Study Hangers density determine frequencies of Arch Bridges

This case study applies ICDAS AB 2015.00R 


 Main Input: He 100, Hs% 25, Ls 100, DZB 12, HangSeg 10

Figures below compared frequencies of arch bridge with reduced hanger's density. All hangers are assumed

non-tensioning and having normal beam element BMS3.

 Reference: Hangers Density 7.85t/m3, First & Last node End Releases RY, fREF=0.405Hz

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Reference: The hangers are visible. The centre hanger is 22.4m long, having a big vibrational amplitude
                   that make the bridge vibration invisible.

Case1: Hangers Density 7.85t/m3, First & Last node End Fixed Rotation RY

           f=0.872=2.14fREF. The hangers fixed rotation increase the natural frequencies significantly!

Case2: Hangers Density (7.85*0.10)t/m3, First & Last node End Releases RY.

           f=0.943=2.33fREF. The hangers vibration are visible together with the bridge.

Case3: Hangers Density (7.85*0.010)t/m3, First & Last node End Releases RY.

            f=0.948=2.34fREF. The hangers weight are almost overlooked with only 1% of density, the hangers are
           vibrated without local amplitudes compared to Case2 (10% of density).

Case3: In 3D View. See Animation

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