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Additional features are features during development. For registered subscription you will receive new features as

soon as it is released. Some of them are listing below:

Lusas Bridge 20

  Read XYZ-Points report for the deck alignment as done

   for Revit pt. 21-10-2019

  Write lines number from which the cables force attached (the last step of the Cable-5Steps-Input Multiple Tendon Prestress Wizard); Define these lines as ‘Cable-Fictive-Beams’. (ncab+1) boxes in the center of deck for ncab prestressing cables, as nCable-Fictive-Beams


Revit 2024 

  (ncab+1) boxes in the center of deck for ncab prestressing

   cables, currently only available in Lusas

  'ICDAS Export to HTML' export Revit reinforcement schedule

   to the user’s default web browser, which can directly open in

   Excel in format *.html. This feature has already been

   introduced in Automatic Excel Report of Walls Schedules

   for Parametric Building.


For 3D Reinforcement in double curved concrete elements, ICDAS is working on:

  Automatic reinforcement creation in Revit (based on LUSAS

   reinforcement verification). This option required 3D concrete

   elements created from ICDAS COB.


  Using Dynamo For Rebar for any existing model. This option

  required the 3D concrete elements were correctly modeled,

  and the concrete elements can host rebar.



Additional features can also be the special features which

are in agreements with the clients.


Updated 11-08-2023


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