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Cable-stayed Bridge
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Welcome to examples of Cable-Stayed Bridges (CSB)


ICDAS CSB provides

›  Addin for automatic model creation in BIM & FEM for Cable-Stayed Bridges where 

   Revit and Lusas are default tools, respectively.

›  Manuals of new methods for creation of bridges in Revit, where automation and manual

   modification combined to meet the needs of individual case.


ICDAS CSB applies Lusas to perform FEM verification for dimensions of the bridge. Revit BIM

to outline detailed information including 3D, 2D sectional drawings, materials, quantities and

so on. Further, by upload Revit model on Revit LIVE cloud service the user can experience the

bridge in immersive visualization. Virtual Reality from Revit LIVE required HTC headset and

VIVE software installed, graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or better.

On December 2018, ICDAS design bridges directly on aerial map using BIM+GIS integration,

the workflow of InfraWorks, Civil3D, Revit and LUSAS.

List of Bridges Key Parameters

Fixed link proposal Broager Denmark - Halbinsel Holnis Germany, ICDAS BIM+GIS Integration December 2018.

Updated 04-12-2018


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