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How to create LUSAS model automatically?

ICDAS ARB 2019.00R is including Concrete Bridges (COB). Refer ICDAS COB for how to create LUSAS model 

automatically. In Excel BRIDGE sheet set parameter Bridge (=1) for Arch Bridge Revit and Lusas models,

(11) LusasASB.cmd only.

There are two automations in FEM model for Arch Bridge:


§      Automatic creation of bridge geometry and FEM

§      Automatic creation of loads and combinations of loads on bridge



Automatic creation of bridge geometry and FEM


The bridge geometry in Lusas is the one you have created in Revit. It happens when you import LusasARB.cmd

in Lusas, where LusasARB.cmd is automatically created when you run add-ins in Revit. Further, all of cross

sections of bridge elements are also automatically created and assign to the bridge as fictive cross sections.

From Geometric folder in Lusas you can select and modify cross sections which are visible on Bridge as the

selected dark black elements.


Full text description for geometric cross sectional attributes are listing below.


1. Longitudinal steel beam at the bottom

2. Transverse steel beam at the bottom

3. Diagonal steel beam at the bottom

4. Vertical beam to structural railing

5. Longitudinal steel beam railing

6. Diagonal steel beam to stiffen the railing

7. Arch tangent bottom leg

8. Arch curved elements in ellipse shape

9. Arch cross beam between the two arch

10. Hanger

11. Track1 concrete surface left side of STLo

11. Track4 concrete surface left side of STLo

15. Track5 concrete surface right side of STLo

18. Track8 concrete surface right side of STLo

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Figure: Automatic cross sections assignment in Geometric folder ID 1 to 18

The above attributes of cross sections are given from input for Revit model for the first running. The user can
double click on an attribute in Lusas, select the same cross section as for Revit model, or select the new one
as it found necessary during the analyse work. 

FigureSteel-concrete deck automatic creation by input y1 to y8, Lusas model.
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Figure: Automatic Creation of Arch Bridge Steel Frame


Figure: Automatic Creation of Arch Bridge Concrete Deck

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Updated 11-08-2023

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