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BIM Model (Geometry )
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Arch Bridge Model

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Geometry models in this section refer to both of Revit and Lusas model. Geometry in Revit is generally

about alignments, dimensions, materials, connections, detail drawings, visualizations and so on. For Lusas

it is about geometric points, lines, surfaces where the succeeding issues about element mesh, element type

joints coupling, supports and loading are in focus for the FEM. A geometry model in Lusas represented a

model including the geometric points, lines and surfaces only.



Alignment as straight line in horizontal, curved in longitudinal view


Show below alignment of the bridge deck is straight in top view but curved in elevation view. Because the
alignment is straight line in top view, no integration with AutoCAD Civil 3D needed. The length of span is given
by input Ls. In elevation view the curved of bridge deck is given by input radius R, where R=0 represent
a strain line

Figure: Top view horizontal straight line, Revit model example 10+100+10m span

Advance Steel detailing

Enlarge the above Figure you will see the beam to beam is cutback at the connection. See Revit 2018
About Beam to Beam Cutback 
prepared for the advance steel detailing. ICDAS AB 2018.00RR apply further
Revit Advance Steel 2018 Extension (free), and AutoCAD Advance Steel 2018 to design the connection
detailing (
Advance Steel 2018 User Interface is fully integrated into AutoCAD 2018). With Revit Advance Steel
2018 Extension, you can quickly connect the model above to Advance Steel 2018 using the export, import,
and synchronize functionalities to display detailing connection for documentation in Revit. There is manual step-
by-step enclosed in licence ICDAS AB 2018.00R about the workflow between Revit 2018 and Advance Steel
2018 for the structural detailing.



Elevation view with levels 

ICDAS REVIT BRIDGE create also automatically levels at all hangers at the arch in all elevation views. It can be

used to compare with Z-Coordinate in Lusas model directly. Note that in Revit Annotate tab, Dimension panel,

one can use Spot Elevation, Spot Coordinate and Spot Slope to document elevations, coordinates and slopes at

any point/line on the bridge.


Figure: Elevation view with selected levels of hangers, Revit model example  10+100+10m span 

The arch of line-segment and the beams intersection at steel frame deck


The ellipse arch is created by multi straight line-segments at the points where the hangers are attached (click
to enlarge the figure below). At the steel frame deck there are spaces at intersection of the longitudinal,
transverse and the diagonal beams. It is reserved to Revit structural connections.

Figure: 3D view the arches of line-segments, Revit model example 10+100+10m span

Input He control shape of the arch & free height above the deck


The 4th point of the arch is reduced in height by 321mm and 103mm when He increase to 200m and 300m

from 100m, respectively, 19373-19052; 19052-18949;


The 1st point above the deck is reduced in height by 334 and 95mm, similarly, 5351-5017 and 5017-4922


The 1st case the height of the 1st point above the beam deck point is 5351-1598=3753m. To obtain a free

height 4630, the deck need to move 4630-3753+250+300=1427mm down. If not possible, then raise the

Hs% (the case the longitudinal profile of the road is fixed)



Figure: Geometry of arch by varying height of ellipse He

Update 11-08-2023


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