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  Parametric Buildings (FRBL Model Examples)

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FRBL Model Examples  

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Curved façade with Excel input

Below are some models rendered fast in Revit to illustrate the curved façade using Excel input.

The goal is to give some conceptual design using calculated parameters without much focus on

interior lighting, environment, architecture, or sociology and so on. For presentation to the

clients/competitions, refer ICDAS render manuals to improve image quality (as shown from page

6 where Revit models and AutoCAD Civil 3D terrain models imported in 3ds Max incl. site, landscape,

people and so on).



Arcs of circles calculated automatically in Excel

The arcs of circles are calculated automatically in Excel for input of radii, total lengths, number
of elements and adaptive factors. These factors are to optimize position of the Right curve
regarding to the corners meeting the Front and the Back side. Similarly for the Left curve.

 FigureAutomatic creating curve in Excel for automatic model creation in Revit, created by FRBL 2015.01R 
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Excel Based Model Generation in Revit (Algorithmic Modeling)

Once the curves obtained in Excel, you can create 3D model automatically in Revit by running
ICDAS add-ins. Selection of types of wall, door/window/hole, beam, column, floor elements,
interior rooms and so on, are normally as previous version of ICDAS Excel file. You can of course
create any a
lgorithmic curves in Excel input and then run the models in Revit by ICDAS add-ins.
You can also combine parametric with cylinder buildings resulting in two buildings with the same
curvature facades.

The four figures below show building with radii for the Front, Right, Back and Left facade as
60, 60, 30 and 30m respectively.


RF=RB=60, LF=LB=80, nwall 16

RR=RL=30, LR=LL=40, nwall 10

Output Floor Area = 3 x 1334m2 (Floor Offset = 0)

Input Floor Offset: Front, Right, Back and Left (level 0,1,2)=(4,4,8)m

Out put Floor Area = 2 x 2294m2 + 3318 m2 

Offset of the floors can be varied by levels, and individually for the Front, Right Back and Left side of the building.



The two figures below show the radii of the Front and Back facade increased to 200m.
Larger radii give larger floors area. Rendering reveals that the light is missing inside the
building (length LR=40m). The floor's deck maybe needs holes in the centre thought all
levels to obtain the light from the top. Using input "Floor Design by Points" you can create
any shape of the hole at each floor, or the same shape of holes for all floors of the building.


RF=RB=200, LF=LB=80, nwall 16

RR=RL=30, LR=LL=40, nwall 10

Out put Floor Area = 3 x 2573m2 (without offset area)

Figure: Parametric Building created by FRBL 2015.01R

Updated 13-04-2022

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