S o f t w a r e     f o r     a u t o m a t i c     c r e a t i o n     o f     m o d e l s     u s i n g     p a r a m e t r i c     d a t a

  Hall Construction (Arcade Add-Ins) 


ICDAS YouTube Channel   ICDAS Arcade 2016.00A

Arcade Model Examples

Model description


Geometry model

Analysis model

Landscape model




ICDAS Basis of Design


Additional features

Rendering & Animation 

Trial Version


ICDAS Arcade 2016.00A will run on

- AutoCAD Architecture 2016 (and back to 2011)

- 3ds Max 2016 (and back to 2011)

- LUSAS 15.0-8 (and back to 14.3-*)

Note that Arcade can create by Parametric Building Add-Ins

- Revit 2016 

- 3ds Max 2016

- LUSAS 15.0-8 (and back to 14.3-*)


    Updated 11-11-2015

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