S o f t w a r e     f o r     a u t o m a t i c     c r e a t i o n     o f     m o d e l s     u s i n g     p a r a m e t r i c     d a t a

  Hall Construction (Arcade software) 

ICDAS Basis of Design

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ICDAS Basis of Design


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Rendering & Animation 

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A. Projecting Documentation

A1. Building location

A2. Elements

A3. Principle of the construction

A4. Fire technical condition

A5. Partner relation

A6. Enclose and annex



B. Design Documentation


B1. Geometry drawings, AutoCAD Architecture sheets

B2. Rendering & Animation, 3ds Max Design



C. Static Documentation


C1. Basis of design

      C1.1 Design background (Eurocodes)

      C1.2 Exposure classes for cover to reinforcement

      C1.3 Materials

      C1.4 Principle of limit states design

      C1.5 Loads

      C1.3 Load Combinations      


C2. FEM model and Support conditions, LUSAS


C3. Facade


C4. Phases of construction (FEM models required)

C5. Static & dynamic analysis


      C5.1 Maximum reaction at foundation, ULS

      C5.2 Deflections control, ULS & SLS

      C5.3 Stress capacity verification, SLS

      C5.4 Rotation capacity verification, ULS

      C5.5 Natural mode shapes and frequencies


C6. Appendixes

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