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  Hall Construction (Arcade software) 

Landscape Model

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Geometry model

Analysis model

Landscape model

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Rendering & Animation 

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AutoCAD Civil3D and 3ds Max 2016 

Landscape model run on 3ds Max 2016.


Roads and parcels are first created from AC3 manually, then


- Import Road_Parcel.vps3d file from AC3 in 3ds Max Design 

   (additional features).

- Import Revit.fbx for cylinder building(s).

- Use Civil View for vehicles and Road Markings Style Editor.

- Run script file *.ms in 3ds Max Design for additional 3d models.



Landscape model contains moreover many 3d models of trees, peoples 

and furniture. They are all setup in meter units for XRef used. These 

models will install to your PC when you install CB model.



Click ICDAS Manual for further details about 3ds Max 2016, i.a. 

management of the Revit.fbx files, using Civil View and XRef objects in 

3ds Max Design 


Updated 26-05-2015

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