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 ICDAS CB 2024.00R
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  Tietgenbyen, Denmark 

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Location  : Tietgenbyen Parcel 5

Local Plan 4-699 and 1-475


Model type: Three-double Cylinder Building Inner, Center & Outer

Model area: 8000m2 + 20626m2 + 8194m2

Parcel Area: 29997m2

Material    : Concrete, glass, wood and steel frames, solar energy



The three buildings has increasing height towards the inner. The center 

and the outer building have inclining facades. The outer facade of the 

center building cover the outer garden between the center and the 

outer building. There are two internal gardens of 9m width located

between the three buildings. There are four drive-ins to the inner

building from the parcel in case of fire.

news: YouTubeHD.jpg  See animation on Youtube


Download animation in 1920x1080 or in 1280x720 pixels 

news: M Cylinder Building 36820m2 Tietgenbyen Pa5 ES.jpg

Cylinder Building 36820m2 Tietgenbyen Pa5 ES, 3000 pixels


Cylinder Building 36820m2 Tietgenbyen Pa5 ES Road2, 3000 pixels

Cylinder Building 36820m2 Tietgenbyen Pa5 F177, 3000 pixels

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