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Automatic model creation has been existed over the past 30 years in the biggest consulting engineering in Denmark and maybe also others in Europe. Investment from then until today is a two-digit of millions EUR amount for some of leading companies. However, as the strong development of .NET C# in Revit, the users can obtain BIM model for bridge in a new level of graphical visualization, the so-called era of immersive computing which is not appeared in the past 30 years. The results come faster and cheaper than ever. In addition, ICDAS has chosen Lusas as FEM engine which solve all needed analyses on the same time with Revit BIM model. As a result, the users will work on projects with the strongest tools without big investment through ICDAS subscription.


Subscription fee of ICDAS is the same as the maintenance price in the past and provide following benefits:



    The users do not need to purchase software with expensive price at the start,

     and yet, pay the annual support.


    Annual subscription provides the most effective tool to work since ICDAS constantly

    developed addin and manuals to adapt the user’s needs.

    The users can apply ICDAS for standard or complex cases and can even further

    develop new parametric input after the needs. It will be implemented and be

    including in the ICDAS COLLECTION subscription fee. 

    The users get automatically updating, new methods and technologies as soon it

    is released, as we are in the era of immersive computing


ICDAS opens a lot of opportunities with automatic model creation combined with manual modifications for buildings and infrastructural constructions. Some benefits are listing below.

    The only automation technology for subscription now. 

    Save time for your company to develop model and to create the new competition powers. 

    Allow the users to focus on ideas, concept, design and analysis of the construction

    within a single Excel file.


    Automatic model creation helps your employees to learn BIM and FEM fast if they

    are new in Revit and LUSAS. It can also improve collaboration between engineer and

    architect through the same Excel input file. 

    Two or many models can be in the same Excel file. The larger and complicated

    construction, the more time to save. The input can be reused in the next project

    Ensure Revit BIM model and LUSAS FEM model are correct modelled and


    Performs a new solution/idea/model in short time with ±10% deviation to the final

    solution or less depended on the inputs

    Easy to start a project at a preliminary stage and the stage where FEM results will

    optimize the dimensions as well (using ICDAS Manuals for manual modifications of both

    BIM and FEM models).


    Let ICDAS take care of automatic models creation since we are specialists in this field

    with more than 17 years of experiences. 

Updated 03-02-2018