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NB 02-03-2018:

From 2018 ICDAS Villa is including in Parametric Buildings run on Revit. Automation on AutoCAD/AutoCAD Architecture provided only after individual agreement.

ICDAS YouTube Channel   ICDAS Villa 2018.00A

   Roskilde Trekroner Denmark

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ICDAS Villa Models

Model description

Villa Drawing  

Villa Interior

Villa Landscape 


Additional Features

Rendering & Animation

Trial Version



Using Villa Landscape model you are able to:

- Create roads, footways and parcels from the local plan

Optimize the house/villa location on the parcel

- Change type of the house/villa after the client's wishes
on a parcel 

Design an endless number of combination of the house/villa, retaining
  walls, parking area, garden bushes and present them at whatever level 
  of photorealism desired

Design a new house/villa on an existing area in consideration of harmony


Apply many 3D models *.max in
metres unit

Do much more after learning the first time

news: MV Ros3Kroner Cam 5 White.jpg
MV Ros3Kroner Cam 5 White, 3000 pixels
MV Ros3Kroner Cam 6 Black2, 
3000 pixels

MV Ros3Kroner Cam 8, 3000 pixels
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