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NB 02-03-2018:

From 2018 ICDAS Villa is including in Parametric Buildings run on Revit.

Automation on AutoCAD/AutoCAD Architecture provided only after individual agreement.

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Welcome to ICDAS Villa software!

This section (and sections on the left menu) is a brief introduction to

working with automatic model creation of Villa. It describes the basic

 methodology and is not contained all ICDAS tools and descriptions.

All examples are generic for worldwide use and do not conform to

specific company standards. Refer to a ICDAS licence for more details

on all parameters and guides to your project.


Version 2016.00A will create 3d geometry model in AutoCAD 

Architecture 2016 and landscape model in 3ds Max 2016.

Positions of parcels are determined by Google Earth and AutoCAD Civil 

3D, then import in 3ds Max 2016 (in absolute Lands Coordinate). 

The villa will be create in AutoCAD Architecture at (0,0,0), then move 

and rotate to the parcel.

There are three options in Version 2016.00A listing below. 



- Automatic 3D modeling of parcel house

- Easy layouts using attached files in one file
 Including 5 models of parcel houses

- Run on AutoCAD Architecture
 Step-by-step manual in colour

- Including ½ day course training   

- All features from Drawing Option

- Design and visualization of interior (wall, door, window and flooring)
 Including many predefined furniture of all rooms

- Colour manual of materials on paper (scene and rendering)
 Step-by-step manual in colour

- Run on AutoCAD Architecture and 3ds Max 2016
Including 1 day course training
- All features from Interior Option

- Positioning of parcel houses in 10mm accuracy lands coordinate

- Roads connecting the parcels in location (parking's area)
 Visualization of landscape with roads, parcel houses, bushes and retaining 


- Including many models of peoples and garden bushes

- Files management for many parcel houses
 Step-by-step manual in colour for AutoCAD Architecture, 

   AutoCAD Civil 3D, Google Earth & 3ds Max 2016
- Including 1½ days course training  


- ICDAS Villa software is available on AutoCAD Architecture 2010-2016.

- You must run ICDAS Villa on AutoCAD Architecture, but you can open file in

  normal AutoCAD

- Drawing model is available for any size and number of rooms. 

- You can do the same with ICDAS FRBL software which run on Revit 2016. 

   FRBL can further create curved building with unlimited number of levels.

Update 25-05-2015


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